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competitor in a sentence

An excellent harbour, sheltered against pirates, it became almost at once a competitor for the commerce of the Baltic. 4. 3. 3 He's known in racing circles as a fierce, 11 Mr Buzetta sold the newspaper's assets to its, 19 Their newest model bears a close resemblance to that of their rival, 20 The young tennis player is unlikely to throw off the more experienced, 21 Their million-pound bid for the company was trumped at the last moment by an offer for almost twice as much from their main, 22 She was accused of disclosing confidential material to a, 23 The employees were fired for divulging trade secrets to a, 24 He wants to prevent the business falling into the hands of a, 25 Hence the mink is not so much a threat to the muskrat population as a direct, 26 Its members would effectively have to buy milk supplies from their main, 27 Tiphook had paid £7.7 million for a 9.9 percent slice of its main, 28 Why then, people wonder,( is inflation so much higher here than in our main, 29 For example, the Vines operating system from Banyan, a direct, 30 Verio currently operates nearly three times as many business Web sites as its closest. Top searched words 6. The southern planter is not their competitor … The mandarinate or official class is recruited from all ranks of the people by competitive examination. However, some candle sales companies do forbid you from working with anyone who they consider to be a potential competitor. Eugenius was the candidate of the nobles, and the clerical faction brought forward a competitor. Considering that Microsoft has always perceived Macintosh as a weak competitor more education-oriented and lacking a business orientation, this bias isn't a mystery from a business point of view. Examples of foreign competitor in a sentence, how to use it. One that competes with another, as in sports or business; a rival. Liam won’t be running in the competition today because he has a stomach virus. Filter. 3. i 05), which left Palmyra without a competitor for the Eastern trade. At any rate, he had no competitor as the Mouthpiece. When the Sony PlayStation hit the market, it was an instant sensation and far outsold its main competitor, the Nintendo 64. The virtual absence of competition in most markets limits consumer choice. The competitor іѕ facing forward. Examples of formidable competitor in a sentence, how to use it. 2. So the competition continues, with no clear favorite in sight. He was thrice a successful competitor for the prizes of the Academy of Sciences of Paris. Knocking the other competitor out with one punch, the boxer kept his title as reigning champion. Definition and high quality example sentences with “competitor” in context from reliable sources - Ludwig is the linguistic search engine that helps you to write better in English. one who takes part in a contest or competition. 2. Competitor in a sentence. As a tenth serious competitor decides to make a run at Game Boy, DS raises the bar on portable gaming, before they even get started. What does competitor mean? (noun) Competition definition is - the act or process of competing : rivalry: such as. competitor in a sentence - Use "competitor" in a sentence 1. Have you taken a competitor's offer to a different carrier to see if they will beat it? 2. 277+55 sentence examples: 1. Competitive sentence examples. Examples of competitor in a Sentence We offer better rates than our competitors. As the 1980s progressed, Nintendo was also introduced to its first major competitor. The iPod Touch's closest competitor is the Archos 5. Many analysts and pundits have indicated that the PSP Go may be a better competitor in the casual gaming market against devices like the iPod touch and Apple iPhone. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "competitor "Our proposition to merge with our nearest competitor has been accepted. 3. TO is the ultimate competitor. 8. Sentence examples for competitor from inspiring English sources. Competitors sentence examples. From 1785 to 1787 he was governor of Massachusetts, suppressing with much vigour Shays' Rebellion, and failing to be re-elected largely because it was believed that he would punish the insurrectionists with more severity than would his competitor, John Hancock. An elector voting for me had to erase the name of my competitor and insert mine. The competi Registering for an extremely competitive and difficult event, which will only lead to embarrassment and frustration, is not a good experience for any first time competitor. 10. Manuel was the only competitor that had ever been a part of the race before. Pancratiast, competitor in the pancratium, a combined contest which comprised boxing and wrestling. Niki is a fierce competitor and plays the tough position of Defensive Lineman (or defensive linewoman). One major competitor to Facebook is MySpace. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Another major competitor is Belk's a department store owned by Federated Brands. Learn the definition of the word "competitive" and how to use competitive in a sentence. How to use competitor in a sentence. Learn Ludwig. A comprehensive analysis of your competitors will allow you to track how your business compares in terms of: You could lose some traffic to your dot com competitor. I plan on walking away with a trophy at the end of the chess competition. But he failed to obtain either of two posts - the professorships of mathematics at the Royal Military Academy and of geometry in Gresham College - for which he applied in 1854, though he was elected to the former in the following year on the death of his successful competitor. Because our team didn’t practice as much as we should have, we were quickly eliminated from the competition. 47. The loser of each game may enjoy cheering on a fellow competitor, or you may want to create a loser bracket in which those who have lost a game get to continue playing as well. The biggest competitor, however, is the very positively received Gears of War, a title that won numerous game of the year awards. Learn the definition of the word "competitive" and how to use competitive in a sentence. In 1857 commenced the exportation of Japan silk, which became so fierce a competitor with Bengal silk as gradually to displace it in favour; and the native silk reeled in Bengal has almost ceased to be made, only the best European filatures, produced under the supervision of skilled Europeans, now coming forward. If your budget doesn't allow for the UT gold watch, you may want to look at the Texas Longhorns Men's Competitor Watch available at Football Fanatics. 120. 156+17 sentence examples: 1. A competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses’ competitors. A closed competition was held, and the schemes produced were noticeably more restrained than in the earlier competition. The Japanese can outsell any competitor in the market. Examples of formidable competitor in a sentence, how to use it. These businessmen are both competitive and honorable. Not only that, but the PlayStation also offered far more titles -- totalling over 7400, in fact -- than its closest competitor, the Nintendo 64. Tiger Woods remains 3 strokes ahead of his nearest competitor as we head into the last hole here at … When the supporters of Governor Lowden, his chief competitor, were released after the eighth ballot, they swung to Senator Harding, a " dark horse," who was nominated on the tenth ballot, with 6921 votes to 156 for Gen. Scott, being dissatisfied with the new review, persuaded John Murray, his London publisher, to start its brilliant Tory competitor, the Quarterly Review (Feb. You are offline. 3. The textile industries (the making of carpets and rugs, cotton goods, cotton smallwares, dyeing and finishing textiles, felt goods, felt hats, hosiery and knit goods, shoddy, silk and silk goods, woollen goods, and worsted goods), employed 32.5% of all manufacturing wage earners in 1905, and their product ($271,369,816) was 24.1% of the total, and of this nearly one-half ($129,171,449) was in cotton goods, being 28.9% of the total output of the country, as compared with I I% for South Carolina, the nearest competitor of Massachusetts. (I) In the Korra/30s Si òu43 t4 cw shallow saucers (4143a4a) were floated in a basin or mixing-bowl filled with water; the object was to sink the saucers by throwing the wine into them, and the competitor who sank the greatest number was considered victorious, and received the prize, which consisted of cakes or sweetmeats. The bicycle race is being held on city streets, and competitors must obey all traffic signs. For example, casual wear may dictate what a competitor can wear, such as a safari or sports theme, complete with accessories like binoculars and safari hat or a tennis racket and tennis balls. This in-depth analysis of your industry competitors can help you to identify opportunities for improvement within your own business. 'Competition' in a Sentence (with Audio)competition (n): a situation in which someone is trying to win something or be more successful than someone elseUse 'competition' in a sentenceUse 'competition' in a sentence He dropped out of the competition. The Aussie ace said: " I've never played Ferrer but I know he is a great competitor and really fit. The competitor is now facing forward. 29. Examples of Competitor in a sentence. While these figures hold good, India cannot be a serious competitor with Europe in the cotton industry. Our great competitor in butter is Denmark. 2. Once more the competitors crouched over the scratch. 11. Competitor definition: A company's competitors are companies who are trying to sell similar goods or services to... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Each competitor must pull the chain inside of his/her cage in order to elevate the cage. If, however, no one obtains the requisite majority, the roll is again called until some one competitor secures the requisite number of votes. The Sentence Maker allows you to enter a word or phrase in the text box below and retrieve translated sentence pairs (English and Spanish) containing that word/phrase. ‘Competition rules state that competitors must be 15 or over because of the nature of the water.’ ‘He said there was plenty of interest from competitors keen to participate in the games.’ ‘Every competitor in both competitions received a medal and certificate for their afternoon's efforts.’ The competitor list of example sentences with competitor. You are offline. A comprehensive analysis of your competitors will allow you to track how your business compares in terms of: The king of Castile finally bought off the claim of his English competitor by arranging a marriage between his son Henry and Catherine, daughter of John of Gaunt, in 1387. 3. She travels to Athens as the only British competitor in the women's javelin on Wednesday 25 August. Examples of Competition in a sentence. 1694, 4 and in 1711 at the age of eighty was a competitor for the office of lord privy seal.'. They do not represent the opinions of As a direct competitor with Guess, Nine West handbags have a western originated style. We beat their heads off at an English competition. Though even these large ships do not compare with the behemoths of sister line Royal Caribbean or competitor Carnival, they still offer an amazing variety of activities and amenities. The Android platform is meant to be a direct competitor to other smartphone platforms, like Windows Mobile, Symbian, and even BlackBerry. Learn Ludwig. Everywhere the imperial competitor was victorious, and crowded audiences importuned him to display his talents. 192. At the same time, a really formidable low wage competitor at the bottom end of the market was starting to make itself felt. is another large competitor in the field of nursing supplies and uniforms. When the spelling competition concludes, a prize will be given to the best speller. Whitmore considers himself a fierce competitor, but he's also counting his personal charisma as one of his strongest survival skills. Unlike competitor's brands, their products are durable, stylish and provide years of comfort when cared for properly. Most car rental companies will match or beat competitor's prices, so use that to your advantage to get a quote that is even better than what is advertised. The "sound-money campaign" in Ohio having attracted the attention of the whole country, Hayes was marked out as a candidate for the presidency, and he obtained the nomination of the Republican National Convention of 1876, his chief competitor being James G. He was several times a successful competitor for the prizes given by the Academy of Sciences of Paris; the subjects of his essays being: - the laws of motion (Discours sur les lois de la communication du mouvement, 1727), the elliptical orbits of the planets, and the inclinations of the planetary orbits (Essai d'une nouvelle physique celeste, 1735). Alex was competitive by nature, but being a veterinarian had always been his dream. Microsoft's contradictory position on Linux as a viable competitor seems indicative of the difference between the marketplace and the court. Corporate Purchases: A small amusement park may be purchased by a larger competitor who then decides to close the small park to decrease competition. Another word for competitors. Allowing ETBE to qualify for the federal tax subsidies reduces the growth of MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether ), its main competitor. It has nothing to do with actual competition, of course. The first, for a memoir on the construction of a clepsydra for measuring time exactly at sea, he gained at the age of twenty-four; the second, for one on the physical cause of the inclination of the planetary orbits, he divided with his father; and the third, for a communication on the tides, he shared with Euler, Colin Maclaurin and another competitor. Competitor; 1. It has been stated that the asafu d-daula was a competitor with Hajji Mirza Aghasi for the post of premier in the cabinet of Mahommed Shah, that he was afterwards, in the same reign, exiled for rising in. 5. It's difficult to see competition in a sentence . An antitrust law of 1907 makes it unlawful for any corporation controlling within the state the sale of 50% of an article to raise or lower the price of that article with the intention of injuring a competitor. Competitor quotes from YourDictionary: Nintendo DS is not standing still. himself; and in John III., count of Armagnac. : The competition included David Beckham, Amal Clooney, Kate Moss and Keira Knightley. Filter. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "competitors "We would like you to visit our competitors here in town, and then report back on anything they are doing that you think we should be doing. 95. In 2005, the company was purchased by competitor Swiss Re. 4. Cambridge Dictionary +Plus. This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context. He was defeated, but his successful competitor was unseated on petition, and at the second contest Bright was returned. In January 904 he was; treated in the same fashion by his competitor, Sergius III., who had him strangled. If you are facing an exceptionally strong competitor, or are just playing with friends who are relaxed about the rule book, using these helpful websites can up your score and improve your game. antacid ingredient offering through the acquisition in 2002 of a smaller competitor. Despite soft fabrics and a strong focus on comfort, Bedhead is a hard-edged competitor. Staples Price-Match Guarantee: If you find something cheaper somewhere else within a certain amount of days, Staples will match the competitor's deal. This retailer is a competitor to be reckoned with in the field of discount shoes and can hold its own with the new styles it offers season after season. A bright orange that might make a tanned competitor seem to glow might make a paler-skinned dancer look like they have a greenish cast to their skin. ebullient French host, tears in his eyes, greeting every competitor. She tied with her competitor. A lot of the competitors fell down on H-LL. If a person is slow and sluggish, he is automatically thrown out of the competition. You see, we need to stay Nine West was always seen as a competitor because the Nine West brand is known for the same qualities Ravel footwear was known for: stylish affordability in the latest fashions. In this pose, the competitor's upper arms are held approximately parallel to the floor and the fists are in a balled position. Viewers' heads spun again when a guest appearance on Flavor of Love 2 turned into New York coming back into the house as a competitor for Flav's affections. 155+1 sentence examples: 1. His vast experience in a wide variety of cuisines made him a difficult competitor to beat, and he has plans to open his own restaurant eventually. The prospect of his briliant progress to Rome was ever before his eyes; and in his thoughts force of arms, of French arms, was to be the instrument of his glorious triumph over his competitor. 51. It also purchased yet another competitor: Wallis Arnold Enterprises. Some came in and complained because a competitor was lowering prices. The present age is the age of cut-throat competition. The competition is very strong this time. However, when Harmonix left the Guitar Hero franchise to develop Rock Band with Electronic Arts, the Guitar Hero franchise never fully recovered the same kind of mass appeal and market share in the face of the new competitor. Canada is likely to outstrip the United States in the trade of fish and blubber oils, and in tie near future Japan bids fair to become a very serious competitor in the supply of these oils. In the manufacture of textiles the United States holds the second place, after Great Britain; decidedly second in cottons, a close competitor with Great Britain and France in woollens, and with France in silks. With the number of telemarketing calls telling you about a competitor's low rates and the plethora of commercials advertising flat fees for long distance calls, you may be wondering if now is the time to switch your carrier. Use "competitor" in a sentence. How to use competitor in a sentence. They also have a dizzying array of fabrics and styles to choose from, whether you're a pre-K soccer team or a college-level competitor. If the consumer can't trust the maker of a product, then there is no confidence to buy from them, or even a competitor. One of the company's key points of customer service is that it will beat a competitor's price, even if it's an advertised special, within a year of your purchase date. Quite the athlete in his youth and a former Ironman competitor, Bailey leads a more sedentary life these days, but he's sure he has what it takes to win. Sega introduced the Genesis, the handheld GameGear, 32x, Saturn and DreamCast and was a strong competitor for Nintendo before leaving the hardware market. In recent years competitions of the "missing word" type have had considerable vogue, the competitor, for instance, having to supply the last line of the limerick. And there were his competitors the world over. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Each competitor wears a hanging pendant around her neck. I was in competition with 5 others for the job.Back to “3000 Most Common Words in English” Examples of competitors in a sentence: 1. Not only was she a tough competitor who almost made it to the end, but she also caught America's attention as the first deaf contestant. How to use competition in a sentence. Still, these seminars helped him stay competitive with his veterinary clinic. 58. Its competitors are regional companies with less than half that number. Find more ways to say competitors, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Recent Examples on the Web China, which recently landed a probe on the … In direct opposition to it's competitor Street Fighter 2, Mortal Kombat featured a simple control scheme of two punches and two kicks - a high and a low for each. Ragenfrid died in 731, and from that time Charles had no competitor in the western kingdom. If you go a little further back in history, you can look into titles like the NFL Quarterback Club series from Acclaim, which was a direct competitor to Madden at the time. If your business is unable to meet your customers' needs, then they will simply take their business to a competitor. competitor. Recent reviews of the 2007 version do show improvements, however, with some preferring the product over its leading competitor, Norton Antivirus 2007. He also has invented unique versions of common base makeup, such as his Water Canvas Foundation, which still has yet to meet its match from a competitor. Stephanie from season four not only won the competition but also prepared the judges' favorite dish more often than any other competitor. tertiary butyl ether ), its main competitor. Victoria's Secret offers sexier tankinis than just about any other competitor in a variety of fun patterns. This can both give the aspiring competitor a good idea of what to expect from the competition and also help them decide if they are ready to make that kind of commitment. Harry is mysteriously selected at a competitor in the dangerous Triwizard Tournament and must confront horrible foes and finally confront Voldemort himself. 46, 1900) between the Eastern Telegraph Company and the Colonial Office, the company pointed out that Mr Raikes, when Postmaster-General, had stated that " it would be without precedent for the English government itself to become interested in such a scheme in such a way as to constitute itself a competitor with existing commercial enterprises carried on by citizens of the British empire. Competitor means any individual or entity that, at any time during the Term, whether directly or through an Affiliate, owns in whole or in part, or is the licensor or franchisor of a Competing Brand, irrespective of the number of hotels owned, licensed or franchised under such Competing Brand name. 4. Not a cheer rang out to speed the departing competitor for the stupendous contest. You may also want to visit competitor websites and see what words they are using to target their visitors. By this time a competitor had entered the field. Another word for competitor. Among Western nations it was, without any competitor, the most important of all vegetable fibres till towards the close of the 18th century, when, after a brief struggle, cotton took its place as the supreme vegetable fibre of commerce. These businessmen are both competitive and honourable. 3. A competitor analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your businesses’ competitors. To make significant inroads into the key competitor's core market. There were more than 500 competitors in the race. 19 examples: At the very least, the euro will be a formidable competitor for sterling… Nintendo's first main competitor to its Game Boy came from the same company that challenged its Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES). 23. There is competition in everyone’s life. competitor; and tariffs so maintained are in complete conformity with the principle of free trade. Competitive example sentences, listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste. We should be ready to face the global competition. 4. In fact, it's interesting to note that the original inspiration for K2 skis was born out of the unsuccessful skiing attempts of a man who would eventually become a major competitor of K2, Howard Head. Even Kris knew Adam had it, telling his competitor that he "…deserved to win.". What does competitor mean? formidable competitor in a sentence | Sentence examples by Cambridge Dictionary. The T-Mobile MyTouch is a good competitor for other similar phones on the market, and a vast improvement over the G1 model. (CK) And, with a new sizeable competitor in broadband, BT will now have a patsy to draw Ofcom's regulatory fire. One that competes with another, as in sports or business; a rival. What is the top competitor doing in sales? Very soon the Asahi had a keen competitor in the Osaka Mainichi Shimbun (Osaka Daily News) and these papers ultimately crushed all rivals in Osaka. Examples of competitor in a sentence: 1. personifyWonder Trophy Awarded to the competitor who best personifies the spirit of the event. Many viewers were quite pleased when Ilan beat competitor Marcel Vigneron because Marcel had a somewhat abrasive personality. The opossum is the chief competitor of the local negro in harvesting the persimmon crop. Swedish inventor and engineer who came to England in 1826 and built a competitor to Stephenson's Rocket, then patented a screw propeller. Some came in and complained because a competitor was lowering prices. How To Use Competitor In A Sentence? 2. This tool is great for seeing how words are used in a natural context. They could put all their competitors out of business. Once more the competitors crouched over the scratch. Universal Orlando has established itself as a major Disney competitor. Most phone companies will be eager to keep you as a customer, even if it means they must match a competitor's offer to prevent you from switching carriers. 51. So his competitor for possession of the Mackay ranch was the airline itself! It was undertaken with the simple design of furnishing a preface to his younger son's translation of Shakespeare; a monument of perfect scholarship, of indefatigable devotion, and of literary genius, which eclipses even Urquhart's Rabelais - its only possible competitor; and to which the translator's father prefixed a brief and admirable note of introduction in the year after the publication of the volume which had grown under his hand into the bulk and the magnificence of an epic poem in prose. Competitor definition is - one that competes: such as. By this time a competitor had entered the field. Find more ways to say competitor, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. Another word for competitor. Acts range from the obscure, such as one competitor's attempt to impress the judges by balancing heavy objects with his teeth, to the mundane, in the form of a harmonica solo. Its competitors are regional companies with less than half that number. Walmart will price match local competitor prices, so you can build your Shopping List and then print out the price match list to take to Walmart. All together, the five flavors of store brands have about 1,000 different products, which puts them about on par with competitor Vitamin World. Paul Wright is a regular Preston competitor but confesses that his car is a little slow compared to other front-runners. 2. 11. The inferred principle may hold the field as explanation without obvious competitor potential or actual. The Dukes were the eventual winners of the competition. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. : The 20th century brought competition from road haulage, and only the strongest canals survived until the Second World War. There is only one major competitor and it's new to the Verizon line-up: the Apple iPhone. You can use the information learned to discover what weaknesses your competitor sites have and therefore capitalize on those weaknesses. A lot of the competitors fell down on H-LL. Ironically, many generators existed on the Internet long before Myspace, as a company, finally released their own interface as a competitor. What they don't know is that there's a hidden camera trying to catch them in the act of looking at their competitor's private medical folders. The rear double bicep pose gives the bodybuilding competitor another chance to show off his or her amazing bicep flex. Jackson owns Weta Digital, a competitor of George Lucas's Industrial Light and Magic. We are living in an era of great competition. The best toddler pageant dresses will be custom made, which ensures parents that another toddling competitor won't be sporting the same ensemble. 20 examples: Of course, it will come from a foreign competitor, and you are putting your… Junior overseas Trophy J Awarded to the highest placed Overseas competitor under 13 in the British Open Championship.

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