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lard shampoo bar recipe

These are so good and i can get a lot of information on soapmaking. Tea tree and grapefruit are great for oily hair. Conditioning, Moisturizing, Adds Hardness, Creamy Lather. All around great ingredient for soap making. Oh, but then Lisa sent me an actual bar that she had made using the cold process method, and it was EVEN BETTER. That is acidic enough to balance the hair. No, depending on the ingredients I like shampoo bars with a lower superfat due to weighing down the hair. I’m new to soap-making but not to making all sorts of other homemade products from scratch, such as deodorant, toothpaste, lotions, etc. Thank you for these amazing recipe’s, I do have a question regarding the water percent of oil weight ratio that you would use regarding these recipes. The saponification process is over within a few days after making it. Your shampoo bar has become a regular thing around my house. Thinning Hair Shampoo Bar Recipe Superfat: 10% Ingredients: 9 ounces palm oil 9 ounces coconut oil 5 ounces castor oil 5 ounces cocoa butter 4 ounces olive oil 1 ounces shea butter 1 ounces neem oil 12.9 ounces filtered water But try it! I’m really not sure what the cause it, but I’d try to do something different for a while. High in vitamin E and other antioxidants. I will let you know what happens on: function(evt, cb) { My hair is very fine also, but I have a fair amount of it. What do you recommend substituting the lard for? Whenever you’re making substitutions, it’s a pretty safe bet to tinker with the olive oil amount first, especially in a recipe where it’s over 50% of the oil amount, like this one. Can any of these shampoo bars be used as regular soap as well? } There’s not a one to one vegan substitute. I had some coconut oil and flax oil given to me. (function() { It washes smells out of clothes (like herring juice). Would i need to adjust the lye? For our shampoo bar recipe, we’ll use a combination of these natural oils. I am new to this and don’t have the materials to handle lye yet. The nettle powder you list in the recipe , is it root or leaf powder ? Those leftover oils will help condition and moisturize hair. We very much prefer this. Essential Oils Many shampoo bar recipes also include essential oils in addition to the nourishing natural oils. Up to 15% is a pretty good amount for shampoo bars. Lizardlady's Dark Beer Hot Process Shampoo Bar Recipe This recipe calls for 16 oz oils Canola Oil 50% 8 oz Coconut Oil 33% 5.28 oz Castor Oil 7% 1.12 oz Cocoa Butter 5 Here is the recipe I used. 90% ricinoleic acid, which has traditionally been used to help heal skin conditions. If you are using a saucepan, it is so important not to allow the lard to burn. Oil. The milk solids can definitely make it overheat. { If your local supermarket does not have tallow, try looking for suet. It would help if you had step-by-step photos of the process. I was wondering if you pH tested the final product around cure time; if so, what was the range? Thanks for visiting! What a detailed and helpful post! Let me know if you have any questions, and share your experiences with shampoo bars and their ingredients below. Reduce the water content of your recipe for a faster cure. Here is a chart to familiarize yourself with oils used in shampoo bars: Moisture is key! Both trap moisture and calm frizziness in hair. didn’t work for your hair type, this may be the answer. Best I am wondering if I could a melt and pour goats milk base. Tallow shampoo bar recipe directions. For lard soap recipes , you may wish to check out the previous article on lard soaps. Conditioning, Cleansing, Hardness, Stable Creamy Lather. Please help. After rubbing it around my hair, I noticed that the lather got super dense and creamy. I never soap lower than 28% water, but I haven’t tried less so I can’t say. Hi, I’m new to soap making and would love to try your shampoo bars. You can get it at Walmart though. It worked well for me! I recommend them over the sweet almond oil, but if you really want to use it you’ll still get a great shampoo. So what makes a good shampoo bar? Thank you so much . Shampoo Bar Recipe The following tutorial demonstrates my own shampoo bar recipe.In this batch, we will be using a great hair-care essential oil blend that incorporates our therapeutic grade rosemary essential oil and tea tree essential oil as well as our invigorating pink grapefruit essential oil. ), have you got a recipe for combination hair specifically? I want to try making your all hair types bar. All of those do different things for hair. After all, lye only reacts with certain types of molecules. Just some other things to consider! Good morning I love your site and the immense knowledge you have Thank you for your support! © 2021 Great Cakes Soapworks - WordPress Theme by Y Design Services. In case you missed it: I’ve printed and shared this one! We made this with eucalyptus, tea tree, lavender and vanilla. The ingredients and superfat content. You can use as soon as it is cooled and hardened. I think that can definitely help. If it’s a little below that, it’s fine. Lastly, have you EO suggestions for your all purpose and oily bars? However, I love my old almond shampoo. Highly Conditioning, Creamy and Stable Lather. It made a beautiful white bar of soap, it’s somewhat soft yet, but I have read that it makes a very hard bar after it cures. Is this recipe for hot processed or cold? So here you go! I just have a question: is it possible to make all these recipes applying the hot process of soapmaking? Am I missing something? The apricot kernel He’s got oily hair but his skin is not at all sensitive so I was hoping that the Oily Bar you’ve listed might be safe for skin/face. Hi, @Mary – Babassu oil is an excellent replacement for coconut! I haven’t had any problems and I’ve had a lot of people tell me the same thing; that shampoo bars don’t strip hair color. Any suggestions would be welcomed You have been so generous with your recipes and explanations that I am going to buy your book tonight! I’ve tried every OTC dandruff shampoo. Then with a bit of water added, the lather began to grow into an lots of large frothy bubbles. The shampoo bar for oily hair calls for nettle powder. In these recipes you can replace it for hazelnut, jojoba, neem, and apricot kernel oil. I’ve another question, did you test Ph levels on your shampoo bars after they cured? Anita. So this is probably a pretty basic soap question. Coconut Oil – 382 g I’ve used 22 grams of it on one loaf and ad it when you would add essential oils. This type of bar is called syndet bar (synthetic + detergent). It should still set nicely with a higher super fat content, slightly less hard and without the beeswax quality to the shampoo but you should still be fine. I suppose it will have to re-adjust again. Slightly basic, which is why using a diluted acv spray as a conditioner is good for the hair. Still wonderful. Your hair may be oily for a short time, but if an ingredient is to blame then it may clear up on its own. I knew I had scored when my husband said, “Honey, we need another bar in the shower.” Success!! If oils or lye water are not cooling at the same rate, use a cold water bath in the sink. If you want to do a low heat hot processing in the oven, yes, these recipes work great using that method as well. I’ve always just used plain coconut oil superfatted fairly high (I think 15-20%) and it was great!! Measure before whipping. Can I substitute one of the oils with sweet almond oil? © 2021 Simple Life Mom - All Rights Reserved Also when rinsing with ACV is this for ever or till the hair has stripped the previous chemicals. I’m making soap and some deo as a first and I came across info about whipped shea butter. It won’t have the same properties as lard – lard has more palmitic fatty acids, and mango butter has more stearic. Many thanks for your assistance. Molasses Shampoo Bar 20% olive oil(pomace) 20% castor oil 25% refined coconut oil This natural soap recipe features tallow and calendula flowers, for a hard, skin soothing soap bar. But works great. I love anything vanilla or fall smelling…does the scent last? High in vitamins A, B, D and E oleic and palmitoleic acids. What can I substitute for pumpkin seed oil in the recipe for dry hair bar? Thank you for your advise in advance forms: { It doesn’t fully saponify, so it lends more of its properties to soap after curing. Makes a great, long lasting, cleaning and bubbly bar. Conditioning, Moisturizing, Creamy Lather with High Stable Bubbles. I am a soaper and would love to make some shampoo bars. I have not made any soaps yet, looking forward to trying it out. We will be using surfactants that are naturally derived, biodegradable, and easy to use. Just make sure before you do that too much lye is not the issue. Definitely use a pH balancer. Genial formula!!! About 4 months ago I switched to a natural bar by unwrapped life…but it hasn’t really helped. Castor oil makes great shampoo, as do the A recipe for all hair types. Would you recommend this and which bars would it be suitable for? I take internet articles with a grain of salt usually, but I have grown to trust yours completely, also love your soap making book which has great instructions and explanations. Those last wonderfully in shampoo bars. Can I use a substitute for rice bran oil. Will shampoo bars get hard at all or I destroyed it completely? C, Soap soap soap ❤️ Top left Rose Soap, then coc, Sale ends tonight Small Business Day - link i, Get essential oil gift ideas (DIY), beauty and bod, CRAZY deal time! I dont have neem oil for the thinning hair recipe.can I substitute rose hip or jojoba oil? Lye – 192 g listeners: [], My goat milk soothing shampoo is made with base oils and essential oils that are calming to the scalp. I recommend nettle again. A palm oil soap with no milk or honey would be best for you hair. Definitely a homemade shampoo for starters. Is there a non-animal derived alternative? Rice Bran Oil – 123 g. I’ve been using this recipe on my hair for several days and it’s amazing! batch, superfatted at 5%, Water – 517 g (Lisa uses half beer, half aloe juice) Your email address will not be published. Only use acv diluted at 50% or more. Many thanks xx. They all make 3lbs of soap or 12 four ounce bars. Conditioning, Adds Hardness, Stable Lather. My name is Kristine. You can generally use any cold process recipe in a hot process. } High in vitamins A and E, but can go bad in soap faster than other oils. Gracias por compartirla!! @Gretchen – Olive oil is considered a good sub for rice bran oil. Diluted you can use after each wash. Then wet and put on more soap. High in vitamin E and antioxidants like phytosterols. Also, is the all types bar okay for colored hair? Make sure to choose a free-range, natural source. so, no extra lye needed? I’d run it through a lye calculator just in case there are differences introduced from the change. I have a bath and body book in my etsy shop: I don’t think its available in South Africa. Thanks for your answer. You want an even heat from the saponification, but you don’t want it to overheat. It’s wonderful. @Carly – I buy it by the gallon online. Tallow, Coconut, and Hazelnut oils cleanse really well and help wash excess oils from the hair. Outside, wearing proper safety gear including gloves and a mask, pour lye crystals into milk water and stir until dissolved. Hello! When you say insulate, what do you mean exactly? My roots are oily and gets oily fast but the bottom part of my hair is dry and thinning. I’m excited to try to make some! It sounds like, if it’s been a year, that you definitely have something that’s continuing to irritate your scalp (whatever that product may be). Until about a year and a half ago. callback: cb Use as 5% or less of total oils for a longer lasting bar. Manon. Use a soap calculator like to figure out how much you will need of each oil and the lye and water amount. If you haven’t made soap with beer before, you might want to consult this post. I have new to soap making and have made only a few batches, I found a recipe that looked good, but instead of putting ounces or grams, they have 10 % of this oil and 5% of this oil. If you are a soapmaker looking for a fabulous shampoo bar recipe with lots of lather that will make your hair softer than it’s ever been before, then this recipe is for you! I have a couple of questions if you don’t mind. So many people would benefit from it! The other reason, at least as of late, is that every decent-looking recipe I’ve seen has tallow or lard… not exactly vegan-friendly Not that I’ve researched extensively, but since you’re pretty well versed in soap-making I was wondering if you had ever come across any suitable replacement for lard/tallow that would still give a solid bar instead of a pile of greasy slop? Combine palm oil, coconut oil, castor oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, shea butter, neem oil in a stainless steel pot and melt over medium/low heat. Add the essential oils and blend again to incorporate. It’s pretty simple. Thank you! This post may contain Affiliate Links. Three Pound Batch Shampoo Bar Recipe: This batch would fit perfectly into Bramble Berry’s Silicone Loaf Mold or 9 Bar Birchwood Mold ! What do I do? If you have fresh nettle, create a nettle “tea” before hand by heating the water in a saucepan and add enough nettle to fill pot. Spray and rinse. Thanks! Very grateful for your blog post, it was exactly what I was looking for. Makes a great, long lasting bar. This recipe is for people with oily hair, hair that gets oils in sections or all over, or becomes oily quickly after washing. Yes! Suzy. Babbassu oil or palm oil is a good coconut oil substitute, but definitely put it through a lye calculator. Also, I have a few newbie questions Poor the mushy mixture through a fine cloth and collect the liquid. I have attempted 3 basic bars so far but all leave my hair with what feels like a heavy film on my thin hair. Often oil pockets means either you didn’t stir it well enough (you have to seriously blend) and oil was not combined so you got a false trace, or it over heated. I love bar shampoos but i haven’t found that right one for my combination of haor types. How much soap does the recipe make? Im new making shampoo, can i replace lye with surfactant SCI? Having leftover oils effects moisture content, conditioning, and hair type designation. You can make a natural green colour with nettles called chlorofyl by collecting 250 grams of fresh nettle tops and adding 500 grams of water, use a blender and mix for several minutes. So with this in mind, choosing oils high in certain vitamins and minerals becomes important. Insulate by placing a lid and towels under and over your soap mold. 100% Lard Soap 4 lb batch 7% superfat 869.46 grams water 238.22 grams lye Hi! Thanks a lot! Shampoo bar recipe without lye. [A note on superfatting (you will see this in the soap calculators): Superfatting is a term that means adding more … I would love if you would share this on the Farm Fresh Tuesday Blog Hop! You are in control of the ingredients. Lye: 4.3 ounces, Water 11.2 ounces. Also covering your shampoo bar question, you’d want to increase the castor oil amount too. I also have palm I have had more people with thinning hair go nuts over my palm oil shampoo recipe than any other bar. I was wondering if you could substitute our coconut oil for any other oil in the recipes? Heat up the liquid. The recipe ingredients stay the same. @Sherry – I would think that the lower superfat would definitely help with that. Take outside and add lye carefully using protective safety gear. Highly Conditioning, Moisturizing, Stable Creamy Lather. This recipe uses one 40 oz. Did it overheat? Then uncover, mix very well, and remove to a prepared mold. If you have not noticed, 1 lb. Yes, all cold process soap recipes can be made with hot process. Strain again, but this time collect the mushy bits and discard of the liquid (let it cool and give to your plants) the mushy bit is the chlorofyl and depending on the plants gives a beautiful green colour Tot your soap bar. So let’s dive right in to a discussion about ingredients! This recipe is formulated for dry or frizzy hair and makes 12 four ounce bars or 3lbs of soap. Some hair does better with a higher superfat content, while others do better with a lower leftover oil content. My first soap never saw this much lather! Calming, gentle oil used in soaps as an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial oil. Watch for the soap to become too dark or begin to crack, both of which are signs that it is beginning to overheat (though soap always turns translucent and darker during gel phase of curing). Weigh water and milk and place in the freezer until frozen of slushy. How do you insulate it? This has given me a great idea of what shampoo bar recipe works for people and why. Gives a silky feeling to bars. Have fun with it. It’s more like reworking the recipe. We did sub one or two oils. just let it melt and cook until mashed potato? Do not let it go over 80°C, turn the gas off if it reaches 80. When you talk about adding essential oils, do you mean to fold it in or use the stick blender? Thanks, The moisture will come from the other ingredients. Hello there! What would you use in place of coconut oil I have a child who is allergic to it. Up to 15% is a pretty good amount for shampoo bars. Thank you. Any suggestions would be so appreciated! We even messed up by starting child process and finishing hot process. Rosemary is always a great essential oil for hair. I am allergic to coconut. Homemade shampoo bar with lavender and clay. Add raw honey and essential oil and blend well. Thanks! Should I just keep waiting? Add nettle powder to lye water and allow to cool to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Learn how to make a shampoo bar for natural hair care. Will try. Oily hair that usually feels too heavy can benefit from a slightly lower superfat content. It comes from Lisa G. of Opus Soaps in Petersburg, Texas. Required fields are marked *, Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thank you very much. You cannot just replace the lye with a surfactant, no. If oils or lye water are not cooling at the same rate, use a cold water bath in the sink. Suzy. @Tiffany – Mango butter would be a suitable substitute for shea butter. Very gentle and moisturizing. The best recipes for this type of hair have honey and milk. Question for shampoo. Gentle oil with little cleansing properties, but high in antioxidants (Vitamin E and polyphenols). With This Ring. Is it possible to make these recipes using the hot process method? When I first set out to make a great shampoo bar, I did a bit of research on the best ingredients to use and took a shot at it. I use hair color, would shampoo bars strip the color. Oil? Hi Kelly, I would see how it turns out first.

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