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rebekah mikaelson death

They meet some werewolves and discover that they are from the same bloodline as Klaus. In 500 Years of Solitude, Rebekah saves Matt when he is locked in a safe by Nadia. However, during a Full Moon, Niklaus and Henrik snuck out to watch the men from their village transform into wolves. Rebekah and her brothers, running from New Orleans. She has been unable to reach Elijah so she comes to find him. St. Anne is the only church that has them. Share Share Tweet Email. Klaus then disowns her as his sister and snaps her neck. Klaus wants Rebekah to admit that she wanted him dead. Damon's mocks her fear and she retorts Kol must of been afraid of Silas for a reason. Parting in a friendly manner, Matt leaves to take April home. After Damon turned Abby into a vampire and thus preventing Esther from killing her children, Rebekah releases Elena. However, it is too late. Rebekah fell in love with the Governor's son Emil and wanted to turn him into a vampire so they could be together forever. She tells her to be careful and that she loves her niece very much. Once Vincent arrives, he begins to try to reverse the spell before Elijah comes in, requiring Rebekah's help with a complex spell. He also decided to use Marcel's crush on the bartender Cami against him. Rebbekah and Matt encounter Connor and Vaughn. Elle est âgée de plus de 1000 ans, mais on dirait qu'elle est en fin de son adolescence, peut-être 18 ans. However this did not stop Marcel from trying again and making out with Rebekah. So Rebekah ordered Kol to beat it out of him the old-fashioned way. She apologizes to Elijah and she still has hope for Klaus. Infuriated, he asks Hayley what she was doing in the quarter and when she tells him what she was about to do, he becomes enraged. Rebekah told Klaus to leave and take their brothers to meet Hayley, Hope and Freya at Lucien's penthouse. 10th century) is one of the Original Vampires, and the son of Mikael and Esther. © 2021 Dead or Kicking / All Rights Reserved. After that, Elijah and Rebekah went to seek out their elder sister's help as Klaus slowed the process with his insults towards her. Looking very happy, she agrees to this. She also lets slip that Elijah and Davina are talking. She then lunges towards her phone as Klaus is calling. She first had a relationship with Emil, which ended with his death at the hands of, Rebekah then had an on-off relationship with, She is the first former main character of. When the Elijah comes up with the crazy plan to help them, Rebekah goes to the Garden to ask Marcel's former right-hand man Thierry about his possible whereabouts. The people Elijah paid tried to renegotiate but Elijah kills them and un-daggers Rebekah. Esther Mikaelson (née Helland) (Elder Futhark: ᛖᛋᚦᛖᚱ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) was a powerful Witch, who was known to be part of some of the most powerful Witches in history, and she was responsible for creating the Original Vampires.She appeared in the third season of The Vampire Diaries as a recurring character and a main antagonist. She managed to make her way home and explained to her brothers that Eva was trying to bust her way out. Genevieve and Bastianna arrive, but Bastianna uses magic when Thierry vamps out to kill them. In Sanctuary, Rebekah approaches Cassie. Both siblings assure each other that they, as well as Kol, were not responsible for siring Stefan and Damon's bloodline. In the 12th century, she was in love with a Vampire Hunter named Alexander who was a member of the Brotherhood of the Five. Later that night Rebekah hallucinates Matt telling her she'll never be loved, and Rebekah kills him. After seeing how much Esther played with Elijah's mind, she makes the decision to risk her Vampirism and body in order to stop Esther's plan. Rebekah mentions this, saying, "We're vampires. They open the door and enter the corridor with the red door at the end, while Kol remarks they are in Elijah's mental maze. They were just competition, and whoever finds the cure first gets to decide how to use it. He tells Rebekah that Klaus wants him to make peace with her so she will talk about the Five and is willing to start over with her and talk with Matt about doing the same. They plan on leaving Klaus alone, when she is surprised to see their mother arrive. Arriving home, she is teased by Klaus and Kol, the latter of whom calls her a strumpet. When Rebekah is at school and doing a flip for the cheer-leading squad, sees Elena and ask what she wants. As she expected, the death of her host body caused her spirit to return to her original body. She admits that she has come to say goodbye on behalf of Kol, who has left to wonder after being trapped in Freya's Chambre de Chasse, and that he would return soon. Rebekah is innocent and sweet until she loses her temper. Rebekah wanted him to join her but she knows that he will never leave Klaus. Rebekah was put inside Eva Sinclair in The Map of Moments, instantly terrified and startled as she realizes she was trapped inside Dowager Fauline Cottage. In the fifth season, the Mikaelsons' are forced to reunite in New Orleans due to a new threat. Rebekah fears being left alone and she doesn't believe it when people treat her kind as a friend or a lover. It doesn't take them long to locate the family coffins. Height The two blonde Kindred witches carry Rebekah back into her room and lay her down onto her bed before leaving. While Rebekah is distracted, Kol flips Rebekah around and is about to kill her with the White Oak Stake, but Klaus stops him and saves her. At that point she had been undaggered by Niklaus Mikaelson She was born in the Kingdom of Norway in … Klaus thus kept her by his side, while he kept the rest of his family staked and stored away in boxes for hundreds of years. At first they were distant, but eventually grew closer. Rebekah remarks that Elijah is no different than Klaus, and she remembers when their mother used to braid her hair; and then he killed her. Later she is meeting with Elijah privately and Elijah asks her to take Hayley to the plantation house, so she could be safe. Like Klaus and Kol, Rebekah has a habit of using "love" and "darling" as terms of endearment while addressing female characters. Marcel refuses to heal her brothers saying that they had it coming for what they did to Davina. She asked Genevieve to summon her father, Mikael to New Orleans. She was a major recurring and guest character in the third, fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries. Klaus keeps asking her questions she doesn't have answers to, which frustrates her. Rebekah and Caroline stab Alaric with the White Oak Stake. In present time, Klaus is still upset with Rebekah. Later, she is seen wandering in the compound, looking for Klaus. While hiking, Rebekah recapped what everyone brings to the table including Elena (nothing) and Damon ("nice behind"). Rebekah and Elena continued bickering as they walked with Stefan, and the only thing that shut them up was when Elena tripped a wire and almost got herself staked. She meets Kieran and compels him to let her take a look around the church unaware he's immune to compelling. As Marcel hurt her, she warns him that she knows a secret which will make Klaus hate him forever. With this, Marcel breaks the main gas line beneath the floor while Rebekah sets it alight, blowing the two up and freeing them from the boundary spell. She is the sole female Original vampire. Rebekah tries to harm Klaus to avenge her mother, but Esther arrives and stops them. She says whilst smiling. She was then trapped in the asylum until her sister Freya awakened from her century-long and freed them both with her magic. She opened the coffin and found Rebekah's daggered body. In From a Cradle to a Grave, Klaus, Elijah and Hayley decide that New Orleans is too dangerous for the youngest Mikaelson because of all the enemies that they have made. Rebekah admits that she did and then Klaus stabs Rebekah with the white oak stake. Blue The next morning, Rebekah is still devastated by her brother's death. She was easily capable of subduing both Damon and Stefan Salvatore, both of whom are almost two centuries old and very skilled fighters, Marcel Gerard and Katherine Pierce to name a few. She's over 1000-years old, but looks like she is about 16 or 17 years old teenage girl. After the spell is finally lifted, she told Elijah she was leaving. He will bring back every last soul who died on his behalf." Rebekah mourns the loss of her brother; but still wants to find the cure. The two of them have both experienced the life of being over-protected and being restricted from making independent decisions. Klaus told Stefan to put her somewhere no one can find her. Rebekah, knowing what is about to happen, also hugs goodbye to Elijah. Rebekah wakes in a van with Caroline that is heading towards Pastor's house. Rebekah also know that Aurora was in love with her brother, Niklaus. It is later revealed that Rebekah was just distracting Davina so that Elijah could replace Kol's ashes with Esther's. Rebekah Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᛖᛒᛖᚲᚨᚺ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the former female protagonist of The Originals. While pushing Hope on the swing Rebekah spots many mysterious birds and she sees this as a sign that Esther has found her and Hope. Rebekah opposes the idea to kill Klaus as she is afraid that Marcel will only get himself killed. Rebekah puts up a fight but Klaus gets the upper hand. Rebekah, like the rest of her siblings, was born a witch, but she did not tap into her powers prior to being turned into a vampire in her teens. Marcel calls Rebekah to tell her that Davina can't help her and Rebekah tells Marcel to run. Rebekah Mikaelson does not have the coronavirus. He chose the latter, even walking into the room as proof of his transition, which devastated Rebekah. Rebekah remarks that she could do with some fresh blood, and calls Kol to aid her. Klaus then shows up, having seen everything, and tells her that she will tell Elijah everything. Significant spells When she is at the location where she was going to meet with the witch she finds the spell but the witch shows up and traps Rebekah. Rebekah stands still on the bridge, catching Elena and Matt off guard. She believes that Kol isn't lying, because he never did that as a child. She doesn't hide from Elijah that she intends to use this power against Klaus making Elijah disappointed in her. When she finds out in the season four premiere that he was still alive, their relationship started to completely and totally deteriorate when he chose to save Caroline over his own sister. Rebekah then tells Damon that she has a lead on the cure and is determined to find it, and that he wouldn't mind as he never wanted Elena human again. Silas has already shown up in Rebekah's form and acquired the cure from Elijah and tears fall down Rebekah's cheeks. At the end of the episode, Rebekah joins Kol on his road trip, remarking that she's due an adventure, while someone has to keep him out of trouble. She gives the phone to Elijah, who tells Klaus that he has the cure and is on his way back to Mystic Falls. Because she feels something for him, Rebekah changes her mind and tells Kol she won't hurt innocent people. They both head back towards New Orleans and to meet up with Thierry. When Kol possessed the body of Kaleb, and he finally saw Rebekah, they were really happy to see each other, even if it were on different sides. Klaus stabs Elijah with Tunde's blade. Rebekah admits that she wanted him to leave with her 7 years ago, but he loves New Orleans more than he loves her, and with this, they kiss. She hears the sound of wind behind her, and looks down at the floor to see that the lettered tiles have moved to spell "Who are you". She is the half-sister of Nadia Petrova, and the adoptive younger sister of Marcel Gerard via her father. Van était un jeune Asiatique de 20 ans, aux cheveux noirs courts et aux yeux bruns. Elena glared at Caroline, who could barely look at her. Rebekah has the typical weaknesses of an Original vampire. Read True (Rebekah Mikaelson) from the story TVD/TO Imagine by thesupernaturalTeen with 2,286 reads. With the Hollow back in Hope, Klaus decides to sacrifice himself to destroy it once and for all with Elijah choosing to die with him. She told them Stefan's eternity of pain was her revenge, and they were free to go. She asks Cassie how to get out of the cottage. Rebekah Mikaelson. Vincent informs them that Rebekah's current body was the body of his wife. Elijah then shows up as well. While Rebekah searches the house, Damon finds that the cure is contained in a fish tank filled with vervain water. She jokes that maybe he will grant them some reprieve to enjoy the day — she believes that he will listen if she herself asks him. In some way Rebekah sees Davina as modern day casket girl who is used by men for their purpose. Elena tells Rebekah that she needs to talk to Stefan, because Damon had been compelled by Kol to kill Jeremy, but Stefan doesn't say anything. Tony was such an upstanding man that the death was written off and he was allowed to take care of his daughter with the help of his friend. Klaus tells her she's free to take a look around the rambling southern mansion that apparently belonged to an influential family friend, the governor. As Mikael began abusing Niklaus, she threaten him by using a s… Rebekah is currently the strongest female vampire alive and one of the strongest vampires in the world, perhaps with the exception of her older brother, Kol. She is about to dagger him, but he distracts her by saying that Elijah would be disgusted by their bickering. Despite pleading with Klaus to let him be with Rebekah, Klaus still shot him down and forbid him from pursuing her. 4,004 likes. When Alaric daggers Kol in the grill, all originals die except Klaus, because of their active link. Kol is Rebekah's older brother and her partner in crime. Where was Rebekah Mikaelson born? Rebekah then asks afterwards if he'll love another girl the same way he loved Elena. "Could you be more idiotic?" Especially when it came to her father. Despite her rivalry with Caroline, she didn't hesitate on saving her life by harshly knocking her out of her trance. Greeting Elijah and explaining that she knows she will need to return Hope to Hayley eventually. The Vampire Diaries Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. When it looks like she is getting the other hand, young Rebekah appears, stabbing Eva and destroying her spirit, enabling her to take control of the body once more - now the only host. She becomes intrigued by a girl who has recently arrived and is amused by her description of cartoons. She is still unsure yet wary of his existence yet to prove it, Vaughn tells her to look in his bag for Silas' mask. That night, she even tried to kill her father in his sleep for mistreating Niklaus, and would have gone through with it had Elijah not stopped her. Once the spell was completed Rebekah begins to slumber, while having her consciousness trapped within the Chambre De Chasse, that way she can remain with her family until Hayley finds the cures and a way to wake them up. Rebekah is alive and kicking. Her relationship with him has been very dysfunctional. In the cemetery, Rebekah appears behind Sophie and Hayley. Later, Rebekah is reunited with Marcel and she tells him she's looking for Elijah, but he says he's learned not to get in the middle of their family feuds before he leaves. Rebekah Mikaelson (Elder Futhark: ᚱᛖᛒᛖᚲᚨᚺ ᛗᛁᚲᚨᛖᛚᛋᛟᚾ) is the former female protagonist of The Originals.She was a major recurring and guest character in the third, fourth and fifth seasons of The Vampire Diaries.She is the sole female Original Vampire and the second daughter of Mikael and Esther. There were only three Mikaelson's left, soon to be two. One of the first images that he shows her is a human Rebekah watching her brothers sword fighting. How tall is Rebekah Mikaelson? He tells her that she is free, Rebekah looks pretty shocked but she leaves. Elena remarks that Rebekah will not win the cure by being herself because she is not a good person. The Casket Girls, starts with the flashback from 18th century when Rebekah protected the girls who arrived to New Orleans in hope to marry fine husband, but they would have ended up with men not so noble at all. Played by However she is interrupted by a compelled Marcel interrupts her spell, causing the fake Hope to disintegrate in Freya's arms, exposing their plan to kill Dahlia. Klaus will stay in New Orleans. Klaus tells Elijah to just go ahead to stab him. The second object is a drawing. Present day, Rebekah, still in Eva's witch body, continues traveling, looking for a way to bring back Kol. She shows her an apple, which she stole. Eventually, Klaus accepted and supported her relationship with Marcel, which made the pair very happy. She the figured out that Klaus wants the cure for Elena so he can make hybrids again,she then ran off. They talk and after a brief discussion Esther seemingly falls down and appears to be dead. Rebekah tells Marcel to leave, that Kol is on his way, but Marcel refuses. Out of all the Original vampires, Rebekah can be considered the most stubborn and ill-tempered. Marcel then asks her to choose between him and Klaus and says that he would like to give her everything she have ever wanted. Tyler arrived, and Rebekah told them all to stay in the building and not vamp run in the hallway. Freya and Rebekah look for their keys, and Rebekah reveals that she has always been jealous of Hayley, perhaps even jealous that she's dead. Rebekah probably loved Mikael because he is her parent, but one day she tried to kill Mikael, while he slept, so he would no longer hurt Klaus, but was stopped by Elijah. Occupation She tells him that it wasn't to punish him, but to teach him that it took "a thousand years and hundreds of betrayals" of love and caring to ruin her. He answered her that Elena will kill and when she does that she will turn off her emotions. Rebekah is seemingly Kol's favorite sibling; he is closer to her and trust her more. As they make sure that the vampires leave the werewolves alone she asks Elijah about his feelings for Hayley as she can clearly see that he has fallen for her. Later on, he is killed by Jeremy and Elena. When the spell is broken Rebekah goes after Thierry who left her in danger until Elijah snaps his neck. She suggested they burn through some of Shane's herbs, and when he declines, she said he was not as fun as he was in the 1922. Rebekah Mikaelson is a former antagonist turned heroine in The Vampire Diaries and the female protagonist of The Originals, serving as the primary tritagonist (before Hayley Marshall filled that position) turned supporting yet major protagonist of the show. Rebekah says Klaus wouldn't give up the sword as he was terrified the cure would be used against him, however Caroline says she would find the sword as Klaus is still trapped in the Gilbert living room. Elijah brings up their pact to remain together "Always and Forever", but Rebekah calls take backs on that pact. However, Elijah broke apart from Klaus and Rebekah to stall Mikael so his siblings could get away. Then Rebekah and Elijah are watching how their belongings are taken from them as Klaus feels hurt about their actions. Was she going to have to rip out his heart and show him the scar tissue? Rebekah in the library interrogating Stefan, Elena and Caroline. Freya believes that she is toxic and broken, especially as she is a Mikaelson. Hayley's plan all along was to get all of the hybrids killed leaving Rebekah's coffin in the Lockwood Cellar. After dark, Rebekah and Marcel are still trapped. Klaus goes to stab Rebekah but Elijah saves her and takes the stake away from Klaus. Elena gives Rebekah her mother's necklace and while Rebekah's off guard, stabs her with the white oak ash dagger, neutralizing her.

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